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We would like to recommend some tourist activities like: cycling, diving, water polo, healing mud, boat trips, going out at night ( night clubs, clubs, Zrće ) , etc. 


The city of Pag is the touristic, economic and political centre of the island of Pag. It is located on one of our biggest and longest islands. Pag is the island of salt, barrens, lace and famous gastronomic delicacies ( Pag cheese, lamb, prosciutto, extra virgin olive oil, fish specialities, paški baškotin, Pag liquor made of herbs, figs, sage honey and other herbs). The city of Pag consists of 11 neighbourhoods with about 4350 inhabitants, but that is not the oldest settlement; the Old city of Pag is situated in the South, Bela IV gave it the attribute of a free royal city in 1244. The archaeological site Stari grad with St. Mary's church is an important cultural monument of this historically rich region.   
The history of Pag as we know of today dates from 1443 when its construction began by the plans of Croatian sculptor and architect Juraj Dalmatinac, the construction finished two decades later.  That is when the town parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built on the central square, close to the Rector's Palace and the Skrivanat tower, one of the nine towers that surrounded this special town together with the walls.  Baroque balconies, emblems and beautiful frames that keep the spirits of the past in their cracks can still be found in city gardens. And not only them: there is also the monastery that keeps the secret of the hard bread of Pag- baškotin , which can be tasted there, and the old clay pools used to dry out the sea to produce and keep salt, which is the symbol of this city and the whole island. 
Apart from the mentioned buildings there is St. George's church, St. Frane's church, St. Margarita´s monastery and the old salt magazines. 

In the Lukonj area, in the centre of Pag, there is a natural spa rich with sediment mud with a high rate of curing rheumatism and pain caused by traffic accidents. It is proven that this therapy helps with : keeping the body and skin moisturised, bringing back the skins natural Ph values, relaxing pores and blood circulation, prevention and curing acne problems, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and makes your skin look younger, detoxifies  and gives your skin colour, reduces pain and relaxes, effectively removes toxins from your body. 

The 15th meridian that is used to tell middle European time goes through the middle of Pag island.
Because of the 15th meridian going through the area the city of Pag had one of the first sundial clocks in Europe. The mark for the 15th meridian is about 5km from Pag on a macadam trail in the Boštane area towards Zrće beach. There is a dark, marble monument where the lines intersect. 

Over 115km of mountain bike trails will satisfy everyone who likes cycling. Cycling has been offered to tourists who visit Pag for a long time now, and many cycling enthusiasts come and enjoy the beauties of the islands countryside. They say it is hard to say which track is more beautiful or attractive, but they all agree on one thing- the experience of cycling on the island is unique. It is a 10 minute bike ride from the apartment to the city of Pag.

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